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I have been an avid mountain biker ever since I can remember, and I'm always up for a weekend trail ride on my Specialized FSR. Although, living in the flat terrain of the midwest has forced me to pursue open road adventures on my Tarmac Elite.

I enjoy the art of Bonsai and have several exotic trees. The first bonsai I began working on is of the species Ficus Benghalensis, more commonly know as a Banyan Tree. It represents eternal life because of its seemingly ever-expanding branches. My Ginkgo Biloba variety is truly unique as this species of living fossil has survived for nearly 270 million years.

I find great pleasure in the arts, from impressionism and modern masterpieces to world music. For several years while living in NC, I studied classical Hindustani sitar under my guru Viswas Chitnis. I was fortunate to meet one of the world’s greatest sitar maestros, Pandit Ravi Shankar who played alongside his daughter Anoushka at a 2008 performance in Chicago.

(Left to Right) Arvin, Anoushka, Ravi, Jason

In addition, I have great respect for architecture and the influence it has on the everyday lives of people. Both my father and brother are licensed architects and have taught me, an engineer, to appreciate its form and beauty. My favorite architect and civil engineer, Santiago Calatrava, has dared to amuse through his use of nature inspired design in buildings and bridges.